What if I cannot pay the full utility bill?
If the entire bill or any portion thereof remains unpaid and/or overdue by the fourth (4th) Wednesday of the month, the City Clerk may issue an order to disconnect the utility service.
If utility service is so disconnected, a reconnect fee of one hundred dollars($100.00) must be paid.  An additional thirty dollar ($30.00) reconnect fee will be due if re-connection is requested after 5:00pm weekdays or on weekends and holidays.  Once service has been disconnected per the terms of this Subsection, a new application for service my be requested before service is restored.
If utility service is disconnected for nonpayment, the City Clerk may reject future applications for utility service made by the person responsible for the overdue bill until said bill, together will all penalties and interest due and owing, are paid in full.
*Note Ordinance 1304
Questions may be directed to the City Clerk Nita Schroff (660)425-3511.



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